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Teacher pointing at World GlobeThe Schools Aid for Gambian Education was started in November 1997 to develop and expand an idea which came from three headmasters in the Serrekunda area of The Gambia. They wanted assistance for the poorest and/or orphaned children in their schools. Without sponsorship, these children would have no chance of education.
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SAGE aims to provide all the educational needs of the sponsored child including a midday meal. With costs soaring, we have now introduced a 'share a child' scheme whereby sponsors can pay just £10 per month and they each receive details of the progress of the child .  Alternatively we ask prospective sponsors to pay £15/£20 per month depending on the level of education the child has reached. 

Daughter Helen with a child we gave clothes to, by the side of the road. 
Already a fan of 'Man U'! 

  If problems arise with payments, rather than desert the child, the families have been asked if they can pay something towards the cost rather than expect the sponsor to pay even more.  Education is so prized by The Gambians that a whole family will be prepared to help financially, to avoid the child having to leave school early.

We are delighted that one of our students has been successful in passing his ACCA (Accounting Technicians) exams via the London college and has obtained a job with a charity in The Gambia. His further studies are going to be paid for by his employers

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Yunusa Singhateh
Yunusa Singhateh (Sas) - Our representative
in 'The Gambia'

Saba Nursery School
A class at Saba Nursery School before the
new desks arrived, early in 2006.

Ramatoulie is a particularly poor
but bright child. You can read
more about her here.

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Schools Aid for Gambian Education (Sage)
To sponsor a child, to help in any way, or for more information,
please send an email to Hilary Marlow
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